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Future of technology for presbyopia treatment 

With time, just about everyone becomes presbyopic. Here’s the latest technology to help with near vision.

Article | 02

Looking beyond the obvious in dry eye cases

For people who have dry eye, tears are of course important but not the only factor. These are some of the other clinical issues that can leave some with complaints of burning, dry eyes.

Article | 03

Heads up on head-down yoga maneuvers

Many swear by yoga for its physical and mental benefits. However, for some glaucoma patients, certain head-down poses could result in vision loss. Here’s what you need to know.

Article | 04

Are today's cannabinoids therapeutic for glaucoma?

With cannabis becoming legalized in more and more places, one natural question becomes can this actually be helpful for glaucoma patients? Read on to find out more!

Article | 05

Eye on the ball

Just because you have a day job as an ophthalmologist doesn’t mean you have to give up your passion for sports. Eric W. Bigard, MD, competes as a senior doubles player with considerable success and also works on a bevy of humanitarian pursuits.

Article | 06

One-man sculler

It’s more than just a day on the water for one ophthalmologist, whose passion is for sculling. Here's how one practitioner pursues his interest in competitive sculling.


Article | 07

Team Building on a Small Business Budget



While your employees are all excellent individually, they could benefit from some of those popular team-building exercises—spending time in treetops or skimming down zip lines building trust. However, such exercises are not within your small business budget. The good news is there are many much more cost-effective ways to tackle team building.


Article | 08

What to do when Clients Slow-walk Payments


Your products are on the store shelves and you’ve fulfilled your end of the bargain, complete with promptly submitting invoices. Still, you find yourself cash-poor as the lapsed invoices languish on some accountant’s desk.


Article | 09

Woman rushed to ER after store-bought contacts get "suctioned" to her eyes


Buying cosmetic contacts over-the-counter may seem like a good idea, but as one woman found out this can jeopardize vision.


Article | 10

Stop a nosebleed fast at home with these doctor-approved techniques 


Dreaded nosebleeds can come from out of nowhere. Here's how to make them successfully stop in no time.


Article | 11

How to tell if you have pink eye and what to do


Worried that you're dealing with contagious pink eye? Before jumping to conclusions, consider what else it may be and then look for your best treatment options.

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